Saturday, June 6, 2015

Favorite Face of the Day: Mark Gruner

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

Although Jaws was one of my favorite movies, I (and most of the world) have never really felt the same affinity to it's sequels. I think I saw Jaws 2 a few times on TV when I was a kid, but although I own the DVD, have never felt the need to put in the player.

Last night I arrived home after a stressful week away. As I plunked myself on the couch, I found myself getting into yet another airing of the movie on AMC. For some reason, maybe my mood, I found myself drawn in this time. The visuals were better than I remember and except for Donna Wilkes screams, (Kill Her Shark, Kill her!) I enjoyed it. It doesn't come close to the original, but last night, it did the trick.

For the first time last night I also found myself noticing Mike Brody like never before. In the 1978 sequel, actor Mark Gruner takes over the role of Mike for the story focused on the teen set. Guner was hot in Jaws 2, and although surrounded by water, the producers sadly kept his shirt on! Gruner, who was about 19 or 20 at the time of filming was a child star with roles on television shows (The Brady Bunch) and movies of the week.

Jaws 2 is Gruner's last official credit and there is very little about what he has been up to since on the net. IMDB indicates he had a successful stage career, so lets hope he has been gracing the stages across the US since gracing the big screen as Roy Scheider's son in Jaws 2.

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