Monday, June 1, 2015

Table For One: Skyler by Studio James

Last week I featured the work of Studio James in his second shoot with the tantalizing and oh so charming Skyler. (Wish Book) Robert James had shared that the shoot took place shortly after his move to his new home. He and Skyler were trying and out and shooting in locations in, and around the property for the first time. I love Robert's home alone series, and Skyler's move down into the rec room is a bit of a continuation of the theme started in the first post.

Although still home alone, there is a different feel once Skyler moves down to the rec room making this series one I wanted to spotlight separately. Unlike the first set in which Skyler's intent seemed to be about self pleasure and being alone, there is a voyeuristic feel to many of the images in this set. It might be in part the great pink t-shirt, as in some of the shots, and with many of Skyler's poses, there seems more intent to also please those of us lucking enough to be enjoying the game.

Heading the rec room wasn't high on Robert's list of locations to shoot, in fact he wasn't sure he wanted to use the room, or the pool table at all. It is interesting to me given Robert's commentary, this set is my favorite from the second time they worked together.

Even though I wanted to try all the new locations I wasn't sure about the pool table in the rec room. There are so many images out there with guys sprawled across a pool table and I didn't want to rehash a setting that was already overdone. However, Skyler thought it would be fun so we moved all the gear downstairs to the rec room and decided to just have fun with it.

'I told Skyler that I didn't have anything specific in mind so just do whatever 'comes-to-mind' and I'd throw in suggestions as we went. Some of it was 'corny' and we both had a good laugh. In the end, I was glad we did the pool table set, it was fun. However I don't think any of it came across a real Art. But, you can't expect everything to work out and unless you try, you will never know.'


Anonymous said...

OMG!! That is sex on a stick!

AANE Photography said...

Very sensuous.