Monday, June 1, 2015

Favorite 5: Franky Cammarata

Earlier this year, I used the above image from Bruce Weber in a piece Ride Em which focused on model Cole Manahan (in the cowboy hat) and Weber's images and video for Barney's NY. Given the focus was on Cole, I decided to wait on mentioning where most of our eyes quickly headed... to that beatufiul man on the floor.

That man on the floor is 20 year old model Franky Cammarata. The Orange County native has been busy since being discovered at a Chosen open casting call, and was quickly signed and put to work. Franky has a bit of Clark Kent vibe, but with a lot more fun. As sexy as that 6'2" body is, Franky's images come to life when he flashed that grin!

Franky on the runway for Malan Breton earlier this year

When choosing my favorite 5 images of Franky, I kept coming back to his shoot with Doug Inglish for Rollarcoaster. I never really thought I had any fetishes, but I love these four shots, especially the smile, Franky's tongue and the socks!

Since I started this post with a Bruce Weber shot, lets end on one as well. Franky in a recent shoot with model Saville Dorfman by Weber.

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous, sexy young man. Thank you for posting him.