Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bakasyon Grande (Part 2) : Nico by Mark Leighton

'Point the camera at him and something incredible happens!'

Last week, we joined photographer Mark Leighton on his working holiday to the Philippines. At the end of the first piece, featuring LJ, (HERE:) I included a few of Mark's shots of both LJ and Nico. Today, it's Nico's turn in the spotlight and like the first piece, there are a few breath taking images of the LJ and Nico together at the end.

'Nico is one of the most naturally talented models I have ever worked with. People say that a photographer has "the eye". I don't know what the term is for a model but you give Nico a theme, a prop, a bit of a wardrobe - and a tiny bit of direction - and he just takes it away and is enormously creative in what he does. In real life he is modest, unassuming, quiet and shy.'

Nico & LJ

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