Friday, July 3, 2015

Draped: Stars & Stripes by Nathan Scott


'Freedom lies in being bold.'
Robert Frost

When looking for imagery to mark this years Forth of July, my mind kept wandering back to the pieces I did last year to celebrate the day.. 2014's Independence Day posts were highlighted by the work of Nathan Scott and his images of Caleb. (Home Of The Brave) I remember that as we were working on the story, Nathan was also crazy beginning launching the Forth of July themed first edition of Pastiche Magazine.

I love featuring Nathan's work and was thrilled he was on board for another 4th celebration, especially given how crazy his year has been. Not only an artist, photographer and magazine editor, Nathan is also a dancer, actor, singer and teacher and has spent much of the last year on stage in dance and musical productions.


Nathan's artistry and passion penetrates everything he takes on. Nathan also demonstrates such professionalism within his work, for both the models he collaborates with and whatever theme or genre he is shooting.


The American Flag is a powerful symbol. Although his images are both erotic and provocative, Nathan skilfully balances his artistic creativity with respect for the stars and stripes and it's meaning to so many. Models Donny, Anton, Brian and Kori are also respectful to their one prop, and their only piece of fashion, in each of Nathan's shots.

I also love how Nathan uses the flag to channel both the physical strength of the model and the emotional and symbolic strength of the flag. Nathan's images pull in the emotion and patriotism that is a part of July 4th. To see more of Nathan's work on FH, check out my Quaternate post from earlier this year which links to Nathan's work featured on FH.


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