Monday, July 6, 2015

Gordon Nebeker: Quenched

For those of you who live in area's blanketed by snow and ice much of the year, swimming outside is something only possible for shorts amount of time. Where I live, that time gap is a short window of about 7 or 8 weeks each year, leaving 10 long months in-between plunges.

There is an incredible freedom, an almost sensual and explosive energy the first time I jump into a body of water each summer. It is usually for me, in a lake or the ocean, and you can feel the cool water as it rushes over your skin and caresses every inch of your body. Usually in late June or early July the water, although warmer, is still holding on to just enough of winter's chill to spring alive every organ in your body as you plunge in.

There are several artists whose imagery provides me a with similar rush. Their work provides the artistic nourishment that I crave on a regular basis, especially at different times of the year. Like diving into that water, it has been a long 10 months since I have had the pleasure of featuring Gordon Nebeker's work on FH.

It was last September that Gordon invited myself and readers of FH to join him, along with 3 models, and 3 other photographers, on a Road Trip in Utah. Tomorrow, we get to dive back in to Gordon's images with his recent work with Mr. Herzog who Gordon photographed jumping into this beautiful body of water this past May.

'Another theme I have been photographing for the past several years is the model underwater, with and without the white cloth. I am underwater as well and we both stay down for about 30 seconds before coming up for air. It seems to be taking forever to complete, but my next book will feature my underwater work with the models and should be out this Fall.'

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