Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pump: A bit more of Andrew by studioAtruong

'Andrew is blessed with long, elegant limbs and swan-like, statuesque stature. All he has to do is stand there and the photos would turn out beautiful. Andrew is exceptionally lean with perhaps 1% body fat.'

Last week I had the privilege of featuring studioAtruong's magnificent new work with Andrew. (Perfetto) I always enjoy sharing studioAtruong's images, and his work with Andrew is outstanding.

One of the reason's I love Alain's work is his focus on form. The San Francisco artist uses minimal props and extra's and keeps his lens focused on the body, with movement and pose. Although Andrew doesn't need much to look great on camera, each images is a masterpiece with Alain's artistry with lighting and his eye for capturing lines.

Alain sent on so many incredible shot, it was impossible to fit all of my favorites into one piece. I loved this particular set of images because of how they highlighted muscle on specific parts of Andrew's body. With each movement and pose, the weights, and Alain, beautifully spot light Andrew's arms, shoulders, chest, abs and back.

Check out more of Alain's work with Andrew at:

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