Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Details Matter: Jakob by Island Male Graphics

'As a model, I found Jakob to be exceedingly professional. He's immaculately groomed and he stays very fit. He really understands that detail matters and what quality is, and he stays that way in real life. He’s always camera ready.'

Skilled photographers know that details not only matter, they can also make or break a great image. Honolulu photographer JR Williams from Island Male Graphics always shoots great bodies, but it is eye and creativity showcasing them that sets his work apart. Jakob clearly has an impressive physique, but when I saw JR's images, it was his beautiful blue eyes that initially drew my gaze. They almost look like a cobalt blue, especially in the images where Jakob's waste line has a complimentary blue framing his impressive torso.

JR shares that Jakob was fantastic to work with and knew exactly what was needed for the shoot. 'He posed really naturally with little direction and he was totally co-operative with every single pose I asked him to do, without even blinking.' Jakob hails from California and maintains his well toned body by working out, playing football, surfing and hiking. Jakob is also a veteran and behind those beautiful baby blues is intelligence and a wealth of life experiences.

'Jakob's just very low maintenance and highly intuitive. . Actually, he would just strike one, and I might tweak it a bit, but that was all it took. He’s a super steady, calm, solid guy. In my experience, exceptional models are highly intelligent, and Jakob fits that perfectly. The dude has a clue. The shoot we did was really like a knife going through butter I look forward to producing more work with him because I think he’s really a rare gem.'

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