Sunday, July 12, 2015

They're Only Humans?

Could you use some extra help around the house?

There are lot of science fiction shows on TV these days, but most have not held my interest. I am only two episodes in, but AMC's new Sunday drama Humans has me hooked. Citizens are able to hire Synth's, (persona synthetics) human looking, (and all sexy) robots to help around the house... Very quickly we see trouble is a brewing, both physically dangerous, and emotionally. People are forming attachments (William Hurt to Will Tudor) and some of the Synth's are starting think for themselves. Sound familiar, Battlestar Galactica did it for sure, but Humans takes it further delving into the emotions that go along with having a human looking on-human living amongst you.

Some of you may have seen the attention getting preview which included a factory of white undie wearing Synth's, all ready to meet their new owners. Me thinks Mr. Hawkins might regret brining home the alluring Anita into his home... The male cast is stellar with the Synth's, so far, all being utra hot. Will Tudor, David Derges, Ivanno Jeremiah and Sope Dirisu all play Synth's and on the human side, there's Tom Goodman-Hill and William Hurt. My favorite in the cast is the talented, and ultra hot Irish actor Colin Morgan.

Jack Derges as Simon

We have only seen a few scenes featuring Simon (Jack Derges) but his female owner, needing assistance after an accident, certainly seems to enjoy having him carry her around and give her baths. Her husband on the other hand... not so much.

Colin Morgan as

Leo is human, but knows the secrets of the Synth's and is trying to protect them from those who want those developing a mind of their own, recycled back to the factory. Colin Morgan is a stand out, and he looks so different (and sexy) with the facial hair than he did during his run as Merlin. Morgan is a talented actor with an impressive stage resume which has led to many film and television roles.

Morgan with Sope Dirisu

Morgan on stage at London's Young Vic in Vernon God Little

Will Tudor as Odi

William Hurt loves his lil Odi, and who wouldn't with those Tudor eyes staring back at you. Is this relationship strictly parental... who knows, but hoping Odi sticks around. AMC isn't showcase, but Tudor took it all off on Game Of Thrones so maybe he will show us what those Synth's are packing!

Below: Will in Humans with William Hurt

Will in Game Of Thrones

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JiEL said...

I began to look the «HUMVANS» few days ago...

I saw the original Sweden version «Real Humans» and can compare the story line.

Sure I like better this UK version.
The «HUBOTS» are more like humans and not king of «robot dolls»..

More, seeing Will Tudor, Collin Morgan and William Hurt are more appealing too...

Got interest now to see more of Jack Degres.