Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Artistic Experience: Macana Man by Marcinis

When I recently came upon Houston artist Marcinis and his visuals of Macana Man I was memorized. Macana Man is undoubtedly beautiful and intensely sexual, but it was the atmosphere Marcinis created that drew me to seek out more of his work. Usually I talk about an artist creating a story, but in this case, I think Marcinis created a fantasy or dream. The muted colors, especially in the last shot reminded me of all those scenes in movies, just after a characters death. They are transcended to place where the color and visuals are both muted, and intensely stimulating, not quite heaven, but almost.

Marcinis shot Macana Man for both photographs and a series of videos for his Erotic Film Project, (Featured on PornHub HERE:) that he began last year. Macana Man, no stranger to being in front of a camera, exudes a intense, yet tranquil and soothing, sexual energy which I don't see captured very often. Marcinis wrote a description of their work together, plus an interview with Macana Man on his tumblr. Below is just a piece, check out the full post on xxxcinis HERE:

'I've been a perv since young. In my senior year of highschool, my teacher asked me where did I see myself in five years. I told him I wanted to become a porn-star. Everyone laughed, I don’t know if it was at me or what I was saying. I saw that teacher 5 years later in 2010, he asked what I was getting myself into after school. I told him about my two years in college and of course that I had gotten into porn. He said “You actually did it?” I said yeah man, check me out on Google.'

'About three weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with a friend of mine - straight adult entertainer, Macana Man. It was an honor to be able to work with someone I was a fan of, especially considering my work is significantly different than the type of filming he’d been used to. I was able to turn him into several characters with different moods and help illuminate him in his entirety. To show that as an adult entertainer, you are not limited to the bang and bust, but you can make this an artistic experience. Sex is art and it should always be captured as such.'

'A lot of people don’t understand this and they often question “how could someone expose themselves like that?” It’s easy for someone with a shallow depth of perception to misinterpret art. We are human beings and eroticism is all of natural to us. It is not something that we ought to be ashamed of, nor is it something we should look down upon. It is something we should embrace and appreciate.'

Check out a couple more images of Macana Man and the video Creme Brulee on the FH Over-Flow HERE:

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