Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Endless Summer: Adrian by Mark Leighton

I couldn't put together a summer themed week, let alone a beach themed day, without including the work of photographer Mark Leighton. I have been featuring Mark's images on FH since 2008. Working mostly from his home in Lagos, Portugal, Mark's studio is made up of the hundreds of miles of white sand and blue cool waters and rocks that line the Lagos beaches.

Unlike many of us in North America, Mark's summer studio is open all year round. Although there can be snow in Northern Portugal, Lagos beaches remain ready for sunbathers, swimmers, and photographers, 12 months a year. I love Mark's work, I think especially how he captures how each of the men he shoots interact with their surroundings.

Although some of Mark's models are local, many travel to Portugal for their shoot. The sun, sand and water bring out different things in different models. There are different emotions and levels of sensuality released when out of the studio and working with the heat of the sun beating down as you work.

With Adrian, the location certainly seems to bring out an energy and joy all beautifully captured by Mark. Adrian hails from Oxford, England which Mark reports made persuading him to come to Portugal a bit of a challenge. It wasn't that Adrian didn't want to come, he did. But with a full time job, his limited time off of work was usually spent going to see his family and friends in Romania.

Eventually, Mark prevailed and Adrian interrupted one of his holidays to fly to Portugal for 4 days. Transport links are not the greatest between the two countries and in the end, Adrian had to take three flights before arriving at his destination.

'Adrian is one of the sunniest, happiest models I have ever shot. He always had a smile on his face and was chatty and very kind. As you can see, he has a great body but it is not gym trained, he does all his body shaping at home.'

Clearly all that work at home is paying off. Adrian has an amazing body, great arms, chest and stomach and that incredible butt which, with only a hint of a tan line, gets it's share of exposure to the sun and outdoors. In addition to his great physique, Adrian's face also draws the viewers focus with his beautiful brown eyes and those sensational lips. Even with the short time they spent together, Mark was pleased with the results of their work. So pleased, they plan on shooting together again soon. 'I have some more ideas to explore with him and we both know we will have great fun while we "work"!'

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