Friday, August 21, 2015

Last Gasp Of Summer!

Although the last official day of summer isn't until September 23rd, for many, (especially of those in school) the last week of August is often the symbolic last blast of summer. The final opportunities to stay up late, go camping, go to the lake or the ocean. This Sunday marks the beginning of the last full week of August. It also marks the beginning of my vacation! I am heading away for the week and won't be home, nor have time to work on new posts. But....

With the the help of some of FH's many contributing artists, and my desire to return to the summer's I remember as a kid, I have prepared a week of summer themed posts to hopefully bring a bit of sun to the dwindling days of August. Starting Sunday you can head to the beach, the camp, the lake, the boat, the field for a week of sizzling features to suck as much heat out of the summer sun as possible. Although I won't be around, FH will still be going strong all week. Enjoy your final days of August and I will be back to working on new pieces September 1st.

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