Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tyler Dårlig Ulv: Undressed For Success

'Most of my pants were so tight to begin with that they split at the first hint of a butt, and I tore through the rest as my body got ever so slightly larger over the last year or so. Long story short, there is too much booty in the pants, etc etc. I was forced to go suit shopping.'

One of my favorite men to profile last month, (Solitary Creature) was model and more, Tyler Dårlig Ulv. Tyler is not only absolutely scrumptious, is also insightful, interesting and full of stories. In my feature last month, I liked to Tyler's blog, an intimate look inside his life and world. In addition to Tyler's tantalizing tales about his work, there are entries that span from the frivolous and fun through the more serious and personal. One of my favorite entires, was Fifty Nine, Tyler's account of needing to buy a suit for an upcoming wedding. I to had to purchase a new suit with two weddings to attend in August and I was shocked at how expensive they have become since my last purchase a few years ago. Given most of the images I used for the first piece didn't include much clothing, Tyler's accompanying visuals for the blog post only added to the enjoyment and proved he looks just as stunning fully dressed!

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