Friday, September 11, 2015

Big Fish

Back in 2008, I did a multi-post feature on my favorite CNN Men. (What was I thinking...) I have not watched much CNN since then to be honest, but this week the election (and being home from work with a cold) had me back watching.

I have always loved me some Chris Cuomo, not only incredibly hot with a great smile, Chris has a really engaging presence on television and seems like a genuinely nice guy. Chris was all over CNN this week, not just his regular gig on New Day, but because of his interview with America's most distasteful and misogynous blow hard. Chris held his own, and although he maintained respect for his fellow New Yorker, his facial expressions told viewers he knew the puffed up buffoon was full of shit.

Video via Mediate

It was also fun seeing Chris relaxed playing along with Anderson Cooper and Company on CNN TV quiz show. Chris is quickly becoming a big fish at CNN, (cue gratuitous shirtless shots) and he might just have me watching again, even between elections.

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