Sunday, September 6, 2015

Eight Days Of The Week: Sunday

It took awhile. It was March when I began Eight Days Of The Week with the Monday's Men Of Prime-Time TV. With the EMMY's and new television season just around the corner, it was time to end the week, and the series, with Sunday night. Sunday evening is the time when many of us are taking it easy, gearing up for the week ahead of us. There are few laughs on prime time on Sunday's but serious, period, political and life an death dramas, a way I suppose to divert from life...and from Sunday Night Football.

Allen Leech in Downton Abbey

Branson wasn't initially a favorite of mine on Downton Abbey, I wasn't really sure at first how long he would be sticking around. I think I actually started to like him better after Lady Sybil bit the dust. As a die hard Mary & Matthew fan, I was not happy when it appeared they might put Branson together with Mary but now... I see it as a most satisfying ending for the two characters.

Tim Daly in Madam Secretary

I tried, but failed to get into Madam Secretary but I can't forget that growing up, I lusted after those Hackett brothers on Wings.

Matt Czuchry  in The Good Wife

Matt Czuchry is another actor who was not originally a favorite. I always wanted Rory with Jess and found Matt just a distraction when he showed up on Gilmore Girls. The Good Wife however gave the actor dimension and as Cary, the actor has won me owver.

Omar Epps in Resurrection

I tried to love Resurrection. I love Omar Epps, and the promo's before the pilot's premier were engaging and extremely haunting. Sadly, the show didn't maintain the tone of the commercials and I lost interest (in the show, not Epps) after episode 2.

Ryan Phillippe in Secrets And Lies

Ryan Phillippe was and remains one of the hottest men in Movies and on television. When younger, he could relay on his great looks, butt scenes and James Dean impression to get buy but as he gets older he really needs a good character to shine. He had one on Damages, and he had one on Secrets & Lies. I didn't watch past the first episode, but enough did to ensure the show (without Phillippe) will be back next summer.

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