Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grey Area: Felix by studioAtruong

'Felix is handsome, modest, kind, intelligent, articulate - someone you would want to be your friend. I have a tremendous of respect for him.'

Profiling the work of Alain from studioAtruong can sometimes be a daunting experience. Alain's images are always strong and erotic but Alain doesn't just stop here. The San Francisco artist always seems to find the perfect way, whether it be location, fashion or theme, to showcase both the physical and sexual strengths of his models, but their internal confidence and power as well.

28 year Felix obviously has a commanding presence in front of the lens. His 6' 2", 200lb frame is strong and beautifully beefy and Alain surrounds him with props, and chose a location that matches his impressive physique. Felix is more just a body though, he has great hair, and a sexy face highlighted by his great lips and those incredible grey eyes.

It is thought those with grey eyes are born to be dominant and leaders. Strong in nature, yet wise and gentle. These attributes certainly seem to fit Felix, a successful European model and actor who left his native Poland to find success in the US. Although he obtained his law degree, and practiced law for a while, Felix has since given up his legal pursuits to follow his passion for modeling and acting.

Although Alain shot Felix in a number of ways to best show off his striking physique, some of my favorite images are Alain's shots, at the bottom of the pice, with Felix laying across the island in the kitchen. There is something particularly hot, not to mention incredibly vulnerable, about someone being splayed, completely naked across an island.

Usually when a piece of prime-cut meat is spread out on an island, there is someone standing above it with a large sharp knife. Felix beautifully takes back control however, creating magnificent poses across that particular piece of kitchen wood. You can see more of Alain's work with Felix on his site HERE: and on the FH Over-Flow HERE:

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