Thursday, September 24, 2015


For me, Scream Queens didn't live up to the months of hype. Jamie Lee Curtis always rocks and the lawn mowing scene was truly horrifying, but other than that the writing was rather clunky and unoriginal. I still struggle to like Emma Roberts and the editing (especially the awkward editing in of Ariana Grande into scenes she clearly wasn't there to be fully apart of) was a bit obvious and off putting. The three male leads however were quite delicious, especially Nick Jonas who has never looked hotter.

I have always thought Jonas was hot, but never sure about how talented he was as singer and actor. In Scream Queens however, he found his role and was absolutely adorable, especially in his scenes with co-star Glen Powell. Despite not loving the pilot, I was disappointed when Jonas's character was killed off (even though he was splayed in his tighty whities). Thankfully, the twist ending will ensure we see more of Nick in the future.

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