Sunday, October 4, 2015

Snip Snip: Cordell by Christopher Photography

'I contacted Cordell originally because of his beautiful mane and great physique...'

If you check out most modeling sites, models are divided into categories. New Faces, Fitness, Fashion, runway or mature. When casting, photographers and agencies often narrow it down further sometimes requesting specific qualities for their shoot or campaign. Shoot nudes or a bodybuilder type and then of course hair. Short hair, long hair, red hair, blonde hair, sometimes a specific look or type is all the rage. The problem with being 'in' is that eventually your look will be out.

Models who have survived the many obstacles the industry throws their way know it is important to have the body type and specific qualities desired, but yet not be defined by them. Christopher from Christopher Photography knows this well having shot many male models with many varying looks over the years.

'I have had the pleasure to discover wonderful talent through the years and Cordell just adds to the list. He is such an easy spirit and he photographs beautifully.'

Christopher says that currently he is a one man operation. He has always loved the entire creative piece of his work in addition to the actual shooting and has always enjoyed art direction and putting together the styling for his shoots. So when the need arises, he has the skills to style the models who need it and even give them a new look entirely. 'I have an ongoing transformation project for people that may be looking for a new look. When I meet with models, I let them know about the project and ask them to refer any friends that may be interested.'

'I contacted Cordell originally because of his beautiful mane and great physique. He looks good with or without a beard. Personally, I think facial hair is extremely sexy. He also has perfect unblemished skin and no ink. It's a photographers dream. Cordell is a personal trainer and a motorcycle enthusiast. We captured some wonderful shots!'

During the shoot, Christopher handed Cordell a set of old fashioned scissors and says Cordell ran with the theme! Since the shoot was during the summer, and the Texas heat was setting in, Cordell wanted to get rid of his long hair. Christopher was more than happy to oblige and one afternoon he sheared him of his long Samson hair. 'I have not shot him with the new hair yet, but I have cut it three more times since then. Perhaps the stars will line up again soon.'  Until they do, if you want to check out images of Cordell without his mane, check out his portfolio on his ModelMayhem page HERE:

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