Sunday, October 25, 2015


I don't follow wrestling, but I do however follow great looking and talented men and the WWE's Stardust certainly fits that bill. I first came to know the wrestler when the character became involved in a 'storyline' which pitted him, and eventually brought him together with, Arrow's Stephen Amell.

Doing a little research on Stardust uncovered the man behind the make-up mask was long time WWE wrester Cody Rhodes. I had seen images of Cody before and as you can tell from these images he fills out his Stardust costume, and his wrestling tights in a way begging for more research and attention. Cody has been wrestling for close to 10 years now but only brought out the character of Stardust, (a ring name also previously used by his father, Dusty Rhodes) last year.

Rhodes has teamed with fellow wrestlers Chris Jericho and John Cena to promote Gillette Fusion products. With Rhodes great looks and personality, I think he may join Jericho and Cena to become part of a group of wrestlers who become famous to the mainstream gaining fans beyond the ring.

Cody Rhodes, Stardust unmasked

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