Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Strikes

I have never had any respect, nor every agreed with The Parents Television Council, but when it comes to American Horror Story: Hotel, I have to say they have a point. Evan Peters is one of my favorite actors, in part because of his incredible turns in the first two seasons of AHS. The last couple of seasons however, especially the gratuitous, excessive and exploitive bloody massacre at the end of last seasons Freak Show, have left me cold.

The first few seasons were well written, well acted and character driven stories that mixed horror and plot in a unique and creative way. This season, Hotel feels a bit like Donald Trump's candidacy, one attempt at a 'Youtube' moment after another. I have never been bothered with nudity on television, I also have no issue with violence... if for a reason. The violence so far this season just seems forced. Pushing limits and the boundaries of taste not for story, but for shock value and attention. I am giving Hotel one more episode before ditching it for good. I am hoping the violence so far was set a tone and will begin to decrease to focus on story and character. I am not confident however. Even nude scenes with Peters and Matt Bomer aren't worth turning in for when all that surrounds them is a violent bloody and disturbing mess.

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