Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Second Helping: Callum by Danny Barson

'Callum is just so natural in front of the camera and seems even more so when he is doing nude work.'

It was a year ago this month that I first featured London photographer Danny Barson and his images of Callum. I entitled the piece Irresistible, after researching the origin of Callum's name, and it appears from the amount of viewers the post got, his images proved to be just that.

Well, with a model like Callum, one serving could never be enough and lucky for us all, when I e-mailed Danny in September about featuring more of his work, he was smack dab in the middle of another shoot with Callum. Danny wet my appetite for a second helping by letting me know what a fun day he was having shooting and that Callum, who had to convinced to do their first shoot, was pushing his erotic boundaries for his follow-up shoot in front of Danny's camera.

'Danny's images capture so many beautiful sides of Callum. His body is of course off the charts, but what is most irresistible are Callum's magnificent eyes and devilishly sexy grin. Callum is able express wide eyed naiveté in some shots, and in others, a clear and strong awareness of the sexual power he is able to illicit from those around him.'

I wrote the quote above for the first piece, and it is proved even more on point this time. Callum is simply so beautifully natural in front of Danny's lens, comfortable and strong and incredibly sexy. Callum's appeal is systemic, it follow from every inch of his beautiful body from his eyes on down. Callum works every look, from Danny's portrait shots, the GQ fashion looks, body and physique, underwear and completely, and magnificently naked.

As satisfying and filling as this second helping of Danny's work with Callum has been, I am sure we could all make room in the future for a third. Until then, check out a few more shots of Callum on The Over-Flow HERE: Also check out Danny's site HERE: for even more shots from their work together!

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