Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Sunday Return: Eric by Hans Fahrmeyer

I can't think of any better way to end 'Thanks for Giving' week that featuring artist Hans Fahrmeyer's work with Eric. FH readers remember that starting with Rowan back in 2009, most Sunday's on FH, for the next 5 years, featured Hans colorful, erotic and sexually charged imagery.

German-born Fahrmeyer settled in New York in 1984 and since then has not only captured some of the cities hottest men, but also the cities vibrant, and sometimes underground, sexual energy. Regardless of how Hans chooses to edit or present the models he shoots, there is a raw honesty within his work that both illuminates and uncovers.

While some photographers try to beautify and smooth out rough edges, Hans strives to tap into them, bringing out a sexual urgency unique to Hans work. When I see a model shot by Hans, I usually see something unique brought out, something others may brush over, Hans taps into and brings to life.

For 21 year old model Eric, that is most definitely his erupting sensuality. As a personal trainer and fitness model, Eric's focus is usually form, but in this set of images the New York based model taps into his sensuous side, with his teasingly tempting poses and seductive brown eyes.

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