Sunday, November 29, 2015

boy WILL be boy

'The most surprising thing about being in the calendar has been how comfortable I've become at being naked now!'

And naked Will very much is, though much of the two 'behind the scenes' videos of the making of this years Warwick Rowing Calendar. Will is tall, dark and adorable with a great face, adorable grin, a killer body and tons of confidence. Will was definitely blessed in the genetics department and around the stables, certainly holds his own...

Every year I am drawn to a rower, (or two) and this years team has not shortage of great looking guys to hold your interest. Will is definitely a stand out, but all of the rowers are not only kind and giving, open and generous, they are all completely naked for all to enjoy. I might have a new favorite to share next week, and another the week after that... If you haven't ordered your video, calendar or Rowers product yet, you're missing out on one of the projects best years yet!

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DavidAsset said...

So far, I've watched the Spain Film and the UK Film, and the Warwick Rowers have outdone themselves this year. What a fabulous collection of beautiful asses and uncut dicks, flopping about. The films are beautifully shot and the Warwick Rowers are quite simply beautiful, my favorite being Alex, who seems a bit reserved and devilish at the same time. Thanks, Trevor, for sharing these screen captures.