Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blast From The Past: Down The Hatch!

I had never really been Hatched. Although I was too young to really watch it when it aired, when I was about 10, I picked up a couple of episodes of the classic 70's version of Battlestar Galactica on VHS. I loved it, practically wearing out the tape. Years later I bought the box set on DVD, but have yet to watch all of the episodes I missed when I was a kid.

I wasn't really drawn to Richard Hatch's Apollo, I preferred me a little Starbuck. Years later, when watching the phenomenal television adaptation, I did love me some Apollo, but it was Jamie Bamber in the role this time. Richard Hatch also made several appearances, but again he didn't initially make much of an impression. Recently, mastercapper Dewey posted some caps from Richard's 1985 turn in the straight to video flick Heated Vengeance. This time Hatch, and his meaty hind quarters had me taking a second look.

Search for good material on the net, especially images, is woefully frustrating for Mr. Hatch. Most searches, especially if you include the word 'naked' bring forth far too many naked images of certain Survivor winner. That Hatch should have had to change his name, as he is now calling himself an 'actor' and there is little to separate the two when searching.

Richard with Howard Cosell (and his speedos) on Battle Of The Network Stars

With a little work I was able to come up with some fun images and a new found appreciation for the once ignored Captain on the Galactica. I can't believe I didn't initially notice Hatch's beautiful strong face, eyes and lips. The actor has continued working steadily both in front of, and behind the camera and hosts a weekly radio show entitled Love on the Edge.

Below: Richard with Doug Chapin in Best Friends (1975)

Richard began his career on stage with the Los Angeles Repertory Theatre and went on to work on the stages of New York. I believe the images below, from a 1974 issue of After Dark Magazine, are from a production of The Woyzeck Follies.

Heated Vengeance (1985)

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