Saturday, November 7, 2015

Strike A Pose: Londonboy by Finexposure

This past September, I featured London photographer Finexposure and his work with Londonboy. In that piece, (Tree Trunk) we followed Finexposure's Allen Beauvisage into the forest for his location shoot with the 29 year old London model. This was the first time I featured Allen's location work as the previous pieces I had done all focused on his studio work.

Allen's work with Londonboy definitely required a part two. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to head back into the studio and feature the images Alan captured there. Allen's focus is on fitness, pose and the male form. As you can see from this set of images, and the variety of body stances captured, how beautifully Londonboy's form looks in various poses and body positions.

Allen did an incredible job capturing Londonboy's physique, but as well his great facial features and his beautiful dark eyes. I was struck by how many different poses Allen captured, and how the differences highlight each glorious area and the various muscle groups on Londonboy's incredible body.

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