Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kudos to Seth Meyers

I don't usually stay up late enough to watch most of the late night shows, but sometimes record if there is a guest on that I like. Since Letterman went off, there really isn't a show I have been that connected with. But... Seth Meyers, especially his first 10-15 minutes have become a must watch for me. I had been planning on writing something for awhile, but yesterday, Greg In Hollywood beat me to it!

Ever since Meyers changed his opening, harking back to his time as doing Weekend Update on SNL, his opening is a must see. I admit, Meyers take on the current political atmosphere is very much like mine, but he is also hilariously funny. As disappointed as I am NBC chose to support Trump back on the network to host SNL, Meyers night take on his stupid comments and hypocrisy make up for it just a little. Meyers was actually on SNL when Trump hosted the first time, but after Meyers hilariously roasted Trump during his hosting of the correspondents dinner, Trump is no fan. Trump may have the NBC spotlight on him Saturday, but Meyers keeps an even brighter, and more cutting, light on him five of the other days of the week.

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