Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Unconventional: Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons was just three years old when he got his first professional acting job in a Coca-Cola commercial. At the age of 10, he began appearing in movies and television shows including Varsity Blues, Walker Texas Ranger, Judging Amy, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and CSI. Although not a regular fan of the series, I first took notice of the adorable Plemons on the football fiend with his role of Landry Clarke on the television series Friday Night Lights.

Plemons has been working steadily since FNL ended including turns alongside Johnny Depp in Black Mass as well as a season on Breaking Bad. Plemons was also almost cast in the new Star Wars movie but the producers went with actor John Boyega for the role instead. Regular readers of FH know how much I love gingers, so it was great to see Plemons on the recent series premier of the second season of Fargo.

I loved Fargo last season. I loved the story, I loved the setting, the snow and the performances. Billy Bob Thorton, an actor I never really gave any attention to, was stunningly terrifying in his role. The entire cast of season 1 was outstanding and I was initially disappointed season 2 was a new story with all new actors.

Jesse in Friday Night Lights

Jesse with FNL co-star Taylor Kitsch

Jesse with Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad


So far, season two of Fargo is living up to the quality of season 1. I would have turned in for Patrick Wilson alone, but Plemons quickly became my favorite character. Plemons is certainly older, more mature and heavier than his time on Friday Night Lights, but he has not lost an ounce of his talent, nor an once of his sex appeal. Plemon's character Ed Blomquist is still a mystery, is he just covering up the deeds of his wife, or does he have his own sinister past that is being revealed. Given it is Fargo, I am guessing the latter. There are a lot of hot men in Fargo, but for my money, it would be Plemons I would want to snuggle up to on a snowy, freezing, bitterly cold Fargo night.

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