Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Janitorial Services: Matt York by Peek Physique

'In a small and conservative town like Rochester, N.Y., it can be hard to find good male nude models. At that point I was used to models who wouldn't even take off their underwear... then, along came Matt.'

Last month I featured Peek Physique's 1999 shoot with blazing hot model Matt York. (Playgirl Desires) After the 1999 shoot, Peek Physique's Tom Willard too a break from the genre for awhile. Almost ten years later, when Tom re-entered the field, he joined Model Mayhem and discovered that Matt was on the site. Tom got in touch, and they ended up getting together for several more shoot. This time, it was all digital, and without the cost of film and processing, Tom was able to shoot and process a greater number of images.

One of my favorite shoots from this time is this series of images. I love the feel of man, a janitor alone late at night in an empty building,a building he has been hired to clean, protect and take care of. The men in suits have all gone home and the building that they run and control from nine to five is all his to enjoy until the sun begins to rise in the morning.

This building thankfully doesn't have those pesky security cameras in the basement, so before starting his duties he strips to his grey undies. He gets his tasks out of the way, the wiping, sweeping and mopping. When is assigned work is complete, it is time to remove his last piece of clothing and get dirty in the area he just worked so hard to sanitize. The building in question used in the shoot was actually a complex of shops and offices that Tom used to have a small gallery in.

'We made good use of nearby locations, including the bathroom, a hallway and the graffitied walls out back. One time, while shooting in a hallway around a corner, he told me someone was coming (I didn't hear them because I'm deaf) and I managed to deflect a father and daughter who were looking for the nearby dance studio.'

'I like working with Matt. He and I are a good team. He has a lot of ideas and directs himself well and I'm just along for the ride. In one picture, he is sitting spread-legged on a toilet exposing himself to the hilt. This picture has been viewed 18,000 times in his port and another 8,000 times on mine. I don't think I would have ever asked a model to adopt that sort of pose, but Matt just gave it to me and all I could do was try and capture it as best I could.'

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