Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eight Days Of The Week: Friday

Friday proved the most difficult night so far. I don't tend to watch much television on Friday nights so the pickings were slim. Since beginning Eight Days, the networks had their up fronts and many of the shows I chose from have been cancelled. I am still including shows from the 2014/2015 schedule so even though Heart Of Dixie and Glee are now off the schedule, their actors are still included. So, without further adieu, here are my favorite hunks from Friday's Prime Time line-up!

David Muir: 20/20

I have not watched 20/20 in years. When I was younger, it was a staple for my family on Friday nights. Maybe it was Barbara Walters over load, or maybe it was that news magazines have been so sensationalized they have become pretty much unwatchable. David Muir could lure me back however, with his perfect cheek bones, maybe too perfect, and great smile. Television news seems to always push one hunk at a time and currently, it is Muir wearing the crown.

Wilson Bethel in Heart Of Dixie

I love me some Wilson Bethel and have posted about him several times before on FH. That being said, I have yet to catch a second of Heart Of Dixie. The show was recently cancelled, so might be a future Netflix pic. I first saw Bethel years ago on Y & R and was instantly in lust. Sadly, the soap didn't see what they had and sadly wasted him, but prime time quickly scooped him up.

David Giuntoli in Grimm  

Grimm is another show I have not watched a second of but whenever I see David Giuntoli in the promos I give pause to adding it to my DVR. Giuntoli has a presence though, an attractive, welcoming yet safe presence, much like Mark Harmon and Richard Dean Anderson. I think he will be a part of many televisions shows to come in the future.

Giuntoli stripping in Road Rules

Chord Overstreet in Glee

If FH had regulars, Chord Overstreet would be near the top of the list. I have covered the Glee actor more times than I can count. Incredibly hot, incredibly appealing, Chord was one of the few bright spots in Glee's declining last couple of years. I did record and watch the Glee series finale, but still have the rest of it's last season hanging stubbornly on my DVR. Maybe I will watch them over the summer, maybe they will get deleted unwatched. Either way, despite it's downward turn, Glee, it's first two and half seasons, had a powerful impact on me with many great moments and memories.

Scott Caan in Hawaii Five-0

Again, not seen a second of Hawaii Five-0, but man have I lusted after Scott Caan. One of the best butts in the business and such sexual energy and appeal. I am not sure how much they utilize it on Hawaii, but in some of his movie roles it is quite powerful.

Dat ass... Varsity Blues (1999)

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