Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lucky Bitch


Thanks to the stellar casting department for season 2 of Dating Naked, contestant Kerri is literally surrounded by hot, and completely naked, men. With only a couple of exceptions, the casting has been incredible, finding a diverse group of incredibly sexy men.

Chris was the perfect choice to lead the naked herd, and three episodes in, he remains just as hot, and just as likable. His luscious backside has held up quite nicely despite being regularly manhandled, massaged, painted and severely sunburned. Episode 3 gave Chris his first real taste of competition. Frankie came out swinging, literally doing the helicopter upon first meeting Kerri. Frankie is undeniably hot, but his personality didn't quite measure up, making him expendable after his first date.


Mason on the other hand is thankfully sticking around. Although a bit younger than Frankie, he showed he had a bit more going for him (although that ass would have sufficed) in order to stick around, hopefully for a few more weeks!

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Manuel T. said...

There are so many beautiful men out there. One day I'll fit someone's definition of beautiful.