Sunday, January 31, 2016

Après-Ski: Zach by LIghts On Studio

'Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.'

Although last week's blizzard is in the rear view mirror, the snow left behind is still visible everywhere you look. I am sure this is great news for skiers, as well as all of those who make their living from the sport. Although there are many things about snow to grumble about, the endless white beauty that blankets the mountains and fields that surround where I live, is definitely worthy of celebration.

When looking for images to salute the often grumbled about form of precipitation, I knew exactly where to go. Last month, I celebrated Christmas by featuring Michigan photographer Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio and his holiday themed images of Hansel Wellington. (Cocks & Candy Canes) I remembered an image in Tom's port of an incredibly sexy mode holding his ski's wearing and nothing but his navy tuque.

The model in Tom's image was Zach, and he had the perfect look, gorgeous face and beautiful eyes, clean cut and the body and look of an athlete. Zach also had the look of someone who enjoys life off the slopes as well as on. Après-Ski refers to what happens off the hill at ski resorts. The night life, the partying and drinking and of course, the sex. Given Zach's fashion was limited to that hat and a scarf, one could assume there might be more than just a mountain he might be looking to climb and conquer.

Tom connected with Zach via Model Mayhem and they have worked together several times now. Tom shares that Zach keeps busy with a full time job, school and working out to keep his body ready for whenever the opportunity to ski might arise. They got together for this shoot just prior to a trip Zach was taking to Germany. The winter theme seemed a great idea before Zach's trip which was going to include a days on the slopes.

'Zach is an easy going person and made the session a breeze and pleasant.  Says Zach: " Man muss die Dinge neh men,wie sie Kommen " "You have to take things as they come.".... I have had several sessions with him and although he is relatively new at modeling he worked like a pro.'

In addition to those beautiful eyes and his incredible body, Zach has a great grin. There is something very unassuming and natural about Zach and the images Tom captured, that adds to his his appeal. Tom is hoping to get him into the studio again soon and Zach is on board, this time maybe bringing a beautiful ski bunny to join him for the shoot. Tom may have to hurry however as after spending several months in Germany, he is thinking of moving back. Hopefully Tom will be able to schedule another shoot before that occurs.

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