Thursday, January 14, 2016

Favorite Face of The Day: Michael McPhee

I know many of you have dived into OutTV's Sex & Violence and loved the experience. I know many of you have never heard of the Canadian television show. The Halifax based drama lives up to it's title with tons of sex, and plenty of violence. I am not sure any of us could have imagined a TV series featuring Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis giving blow jobs to a series of young, and always naked, lovers, but believe me... there is.

Sex and Violence is raw, raw in that the violence is organic. Often violence on television is distant, stories just far enough away from our actual lives that we can watch it without feeling we will be ever touched by it. Not on this show. The violence is the type of violence that could happen next door, down the street, or at work. It is harder to separate from, yet at the same time, for me, easier to connect with.

McPhee performing 937 at the Atlantic Fringe Festival

So in addition to that violence, there is the sex. Sex not seen through filters or clever editing. Naked bodies, tons of them, all shapes and sizes. The nakedness is so real, not all of it is sexy, which given the two words in the shows title, is the show's point. Unlike many television shows, even the ones on cable, the penis is not a body part to hide, nor is it one that requires any more attention than any other. The men who are naked on Sex & Violence all have penis's and all of them are shown. They are not shown in close up, they are not shown to grab your attention, they are shown...because men have them.


One of my favorite characters on Sex & Violence is Constable Doug Downey played by Michael McPhee. Michael is a talented actor and and although the show clearly hired for talent over the usual TV show good look, Michael is an incredibly hot man, starting with sexy nose and beautiful face.

Sex & Violence

Although like pretty much all of the cast, Michael has his fair share of nude scenes, especially in the police stations locker room, I think he was at his hottest in the scene below. Even lesbian Brenda Shaw (Kerry Fox) has difficulty resisting Constable Doug Downey working on his house without his shirt.

That locker room

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