Thursday, January 14, 2016

Boundless Energy: Rock Carter by Keith Ingram Photo

'After a few warm-up shots, I quickly gave up on trying to pose him, and just gave into the spontaneity of the moment. He’s a lovable goofball, and I don’t think he’ll mind me saying so!'

This feature marks the return of two of my favorites. I first introduced FH readers to model Rock Carter in 2014. (Bounding With Energy) When I first saw Rock's work with MQO Photo Studio, I knew instantly I wanted to feature their work together. There was something so beautifully unique, and incredibly sexy about Rock that I instantly loved. The shoot had an intensely erotic, sexy and sophisticated feel and I have been looking for an opportunity to feature more of Rock's work.

2014 was also the last time I featured the work of San Francisco photographer Keith Ingram. Keith's artistry and creativity is at the core of why I am so attracted to his work and his experience in film making is something I can see in so many of his images. WI went back into Keith's portfolio last fall looking to get in touch about another piece for FH and was thrilled when I saw that he had worked with Rock.

Coincidently, Keith shares that he had sent a friend request to Rock on Model Mayhem just a few days before his debut on FH. Keith was also impressed with Rock's featured images and loved the energy and sense of movement presented in his work. Energy seems to be a them in Rock's work and a quality sometimes overlooked. There are some great looking models who fall flat on camera due to the lack of energy expressed. Rock's energy is contagious, and can be felt by viewers of his work.

After that friend request, Keith immediately followed up with a request to see if would be interested in shooting. After Rock said yes, plans were made to get together to shoot. 'I told him that I would happily come up to Portland Oregon to shoot with him. It turned out that he lived about an hour outside of Portland, so we both had to pick the most convenient weekend to travel. Mind you - this was in the middle of winter, so we had to take weather conditions into consideration.'

After a few weeks, and a lot of texts back and forth, Keith and Rock settled on a date and made plans to meet up. Unfortunately, shortly before their shoot, Rock took a spill on his motorcycle and banged up his knee. Rock was still able to walk, so they struck a plan to work with, and around Rock's bandaged knee. It ended up being a cold rainy day, so they remained inside to shoot and Keith says his large hotel room served them well as a studio with all the needed amenities. They are planning another shoot, this time outdoors in either Oregon or California. If it all ends up panning out, Keith promises to share the results!

'Besides having a fun and easy-going personality, Rock had a boundless energy and was a natural in front of the lens. I found the experience liberating and creatively rewarding. We were both breaking out of our comfort zones (this was only his second nude shoot) and having a great time improvising. The right music, a little wine, and his travel companion off to the side (making him laugh) made the session a fun little party. We captured some visually striking images that we’re both really proud of.'

Rock's personality bursts through each image and both he and Keith did an incredible job dealing with, and incorporating in, Rock's knee injury. Visually striking is the perfect turn of phrase. Keith's background in film making is evident in so many shots. There are so many stories within the shoot, and some look almost like promotional posters for a film. Rock's has an incredible body, but it is his face and that grin that help energize his work in front of the camera.

'Working with Kieth is always exciting. Our shoot in PDX (Portland, OR) was awesome, shot in a vintage hotel, that was full of interesting backdrops. There was this mirror that was perfect for some great angles, that I got to play with. Keith himself is super accommodating, and comes up with great ideas. Previous to our shoot, I’d injured my knee in a motorcycle crash, and had to keep it bandaged as it healed. Instead of cancelling the shoot or being disappointed he worked it into our shots, and made a kind of theme even. It was great, and I can’t wait to shoot with him again.'

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Unknown said...

All wonderful - especially the one with the cards! Love the provocative lighting in all of them. You squeezed so many different angles out of a small space. BRAVO!!