Friday, January 8, 2016

The Studio's Most Photographed Model: Alex Corso by New Manhattan Studio

'Model, production assistant, stylist, talent recruiter, chauffeur and friend.'

Soon after I did my first post featuring the work of Wes from New Manhattan Studios, I began hearing wonderful things about model Alex Corso. Wes was excited about his newest model and the projects they were working on. In 2012 and 2013, I featured several pieces featuring with Alex in front of the camera. Alex is dynamic in front of the camera, a sizzling hot body, beautifully expressive eyes and a great face that lights up when he unleashes that killer grin. Below, Wes describes Alex's progression as both a model, as well as his role in the studio. The images, from Alex's third anniversary shoot from 2014.

'Alex and New Manhattan Studios go back almost four years now. His first session with the studio was on April 24, 2012, when he was 23. By the end that first summer, Alex had become a regular model for the studio. Two trips were made into the Catskills that August that resulted in the studio’s first publication, Sunset Meadow. And by Labor Day weekend of that year, we had started the first of our work in Westchester county, in the Hudson River town of Cortlandt Manor, leading to a second book to feature some of Alex's images.'

'Pursuing a career as a physique and underwear model, this Colombian-born New Yorker has worked with dozens of photographers in New York City, Northeast, California and Florida, including some of the best fashion and physique photographers in the business. In short order, this classic Latin beauty became the studio’s most-photographed model.'

'With his ever-cheerful presence always welcome in the studio, Alex started working as an assistant and stylist in early 2013 and by year’s end he had worked more sessions behind the camera than in front. (And that's no small accomplishment, given that we have had more than a dozen formal sessions with Alex.) Model, production assistant, stylist, talent recruiter, chauffeur and friend, Alex has become the studio’s right hand. '

In many of my subsequent pieces, starting with Claudiu in 2014, although not seen on camera, it was clear that Alex was still an important part of the story. Alex continued to model, including for many of FH's favorite contributors: Mike Tossy, Gordon Nebeker, Keith Ingram, studioMGphotography and Rick Day, it was clear his role at NMS was growing and evolving. In fact, I became so fascinated with Alex, and his role in the many 'behind the scenes' images that Wes sent on, it motivated me to make it a recurring theme for the blog. In so many ways, Alex's role so beautifully, and visually represented what I have been attempting to do since first beginning FH 9 years ago.

Today's post is but an introduction to much longer story. One I am excited to be able to present visually on FH. Check back over the weekend to read, and of course see more, of Alex's story and journey at NMS.

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