Friday, January 8, 2016

Blast From The Past: Grant Goodeve

I was a bit young to really remember Eight Is Enough. I sort of remember watching a few repeats in the mid eighties, but what I really remember is my aunt. My aunt loved the show and taped many episodes onto VHS. I remember asking her for her copy of the show's Christmas episode, Yes, Nicholas. There Is A Santa Claus. She reluctantly loaned it to me, but never asked, nor ever got it back.

I shared this story years ago on FH when I did a tribute to the guys from the show. I was reminded of it again this Christmas when I re-watched part of the episode from my Classic TV Christmas DVD. I say partly, as the episode, and the show itself, doesn't really hold up that well for re-watching 30 plus years later.

I tried watching the first season on DVD, but didn't get past the second episode. Although there were some interesting guest spots, including future Star Wars actor Mark Hamill as the original David Bradford. I might give it a try again, but for now, will stick to what did hold up, to my memories of actor Grant Goodeve.

Even as a young kid I could appreciate the actors many attributes. I love his thick flowing head of hair, his beautifully non manscaped 80's body and his killer smile. I continued to watch Goodeve on television shows through my teens including Northern Exposure, 7th Heaven and Army Wives. Goodeve has not lost his charm, nor his sex appeal. Seeing Grant again this holiday season had me wanting to revisit his work. The post I did back in 2007 required an update, and some new images of the talented and incredibly sexy actor.

Eight Is Enough

Television star sports competitions provide so many great images from actors of the time.

ABC wisely supported the producers decision to have Grants character David honeymoon in Hawaii.

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