Friday, February 5, 2016

Hard To Keep Up With: Glenn by NICKET

Last year, after first featuring the work of California photographer NICKET, I went back into his portfolio with the intention of bugging him about images and models that I especially liked for future posts. Nicholas welcomed my suggestions and at the top of that list were his images of Glenn.

The 6' 1" San Francisco model is a photographers dream. Tall and lean with long blonde hair and a great facial features highlighted by his beautiful hazel eyes. No matter the pose or look, Glenn is striking in front of the camera and has a natural, engaging relationship with the camera. Glenn looks great doing fashion shots, but looks most at home, and especially sexy, wearing less... on the beach, particularly in his orange and black Clever briefs.

I love that each time I featured Nicholas' work, the shoot has always ended at the beach. Many photographers use the beach as a location, but you can tell Nicholas feels a connection with his surrounds, and that the sand, rock and water are more than just a place to shoot. The models he shoots there are not just wearing little and frolicking in the surf, not that there's anything wrong with that.... I love that Nicholas so beautifully has his models interact with their surroundings, feeling, touching, climbing and enjoying all that the beach has to offer.

'Working with Glenn was a great privilege. My first time working with him was only my third photo shoot and second with a professional model. (It was also the second in back to back shoots on the same day with my first dedicated model) Working with Glenn was made easy with his experience in posing and his training in parkour, although it made it hard to keep up with him.'

'The location was suggested to me by Glenn since this was my first shoot in San Francisco. He was very gracious and willing to work with me as I started out, for our first three shoots I was using a point and shoot camera. It was a great way to start my photography working with a fit, talented professional.'

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