Thursday, February 25, 2016

Portfolio: Christopher Meadows

'Just A Guy'

Model Christopher Meadows describes himself as 'just a guy', he is clearly so much more. The husband and father has been modeling for awhile and although he welcomed me to feature his work, shared that he is not modeling that much these days. What a shame! The 6' 1" blonde model has an incredible look. Although I'm sure like myself, you can see a resemblances with many famous actors, Christopher also has a unique, and incredibly hot look, all of his own.

It is long over due for an agency to notice, and sign the Virginia bases model ASAP! Not only does Christopher have a great body and incredible head of blonde hair, his facial structure and strong sultry eyes command and draw in the viewer's attention. I got in contact with Christopher awhile ago after first noticing his work, but when researching his portfolio thought he really fit with the site's 2016 theme of 'change'.

Christopher's earlier work with Unbounded By Words and Rick Day really show off his great facial structure and fashion work. Christopher's more recent work, after growing out his hair, gives him an entirely new and mature look. Strong and sexy with a focus on physique and fitness.

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