Monday, February 1, 2016

Those Magic Changes

Aaron Tveit's thighs, in addition to stimulating some magic changes, deserved all the positive attention they got last night, but I am not sure though, that Grease Live deserved all the accolades it received. The staging, directing, choreography and production values were top notch and the closing number outstanding for sure. I was a little disappointed though by some of the casting choices and I am not sure that the actors singing was seen as important as their ability to dance. Aaron Tveit was great, even if the role of Danny didn't really highlight his all he has to offer. Except for Tveit I am not sure many of the cast members could pull of their roles on an actual Broadway stage, which to me... is as important when casting a musical, even one staged for television. Julianne Hough was good, but I am not convinced her songs were actually sung completely 'live'. Frenchie's new song was a little painful, as IMO so was the performance of Boyz II Men. That being said, it was a fun 3 hours, and the character actors, especially Ana Gasteyer were great, and I look forward to more musicals in the future on FOX.

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