Friday, March 11, 2016

Surprisingly Sixty...

'I know, there's more to me than muscle.'

Whenever I do a 'vintage' or 'classic' Playgirl post, part of my interest is about the year and decade the image was taken, and how that is reflected in the visual. The fashions, or lack thereof, the body hair and big hair on men of the 70's, the feathered 80's hair, 90's Chippendale look and lack of almost any body hair post 2010. With the blonde and blue eyed David Keith Miller, signs of the times were few and far between.

Yes, some of the images are faded, older magazines don't generally scan as well. There is that extremely white butt due to the tan line, but other than that, David's look is surprisingly modern. Most of the images featured here are from Playgirl and In Touch from the mid seventies. David was 20 at the time, just out of school and new to California to follow his dreams.

The former high school football star described himself as a 'hell raiser', causing enough trouble to have him wanting out of his home town in what he describes as 'corn town' Indiana. I did a bit of research, so not sure how the now 61 year old David made out with those dreams, but it is impossible to imagine those blue eyes didn't break many many hearts along the way.

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MostFun said...

as a teen in the '70s - many fantasies were fueled by David's physique and blond body hair and beautiful-shaped penis!