Saturday, April 30, 2016

An Intense Regret: Adam O by Reyj Photography

'When I first saw Adam's eyes, I fell in love with that feature and knew that I was going to attempt to highlight them in my images. I absolutely love the colors and the unique pattern that makes up his eyes. Furthermore, I love the intensity within his stare and how slightly unnerving it is.'

There are many reason's why I feel compelled to feature story along with images. First and foremost I guess, is that I feel the need to always remember the models that I feature are not just bodies and body parts, but human beings who are modeling for a reason. Secondly, I always want to remind viewers that the images they are enjoying didn't just happen by chance, but that an artist created, planned and executed the concept and the shoot. I am also genuinely curious, (nosy) and love to know how an image, or a shoot all came together.

When asking questions, sometimes the answers aren't always what you would expect. In most cases, when I ask a model or photographer about a set of images I like, the response are generally positive comments about the process and experience. But... this isn't always the case. I have been enjoying featuring the work of Austin photographer Reyj for awhile now, and really loved this set of shots that Reyj took of Austin O. I especially love Adam's look. His long hair and the beautiful intensity in his incredible blue eyes. I also loved how Reyj captured images of the 25 year old model so different that the ones I had seen on Adam's MM page.

Usually when I feature Reyj's work, after seeing a sampling of his work on his site, Reyj sends on more from the shoot to include. That wasn't the case with Adam O. When he first saw Adam's images, he was drawn to hi skater look but Adam's MM images were outdated and Reyj found him even more stunning in person. Adam's intensity however through Reyj off and not feeling on top his game, he regretfully ended the shoot early. Although they didn't have too much time together, I still love the images that followed. I think they are some of the best shots I have seen of Adam, especially some of the beautiful portraits featuring Adam's incredible eyes.

'The image above is definitely one of my favorite images from the shoot. I look at the image and see Adam's vulnerability. I like how the diagonal line made by the waistband of his boxer briefs intersects with the line created at his hip. I wish the the photo shoot had continued a little longer so that I could capture some additional images like this one. Looking back at the images from the photo shoot with Adam, it definitely makes me want to reach out to him again and see if he would be willing to do a full photo shoot with me. I definitely think that I would be able to get some great images of Adam if the opportunity ever arose again.'

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