Sunday, April 17, 2016

Butt Seriously Folks... Sebastian by Suntown Photography

'The ass is the face of the soul of sex.'
Charles Bukowski

Within the realm of imagery of the male form, FH readers know that I cannot lie. I like butts and I wouldn't even try to deny it.  I couldn't, the site is filled with categories, features and hundreds of images of the men's beautiful buttocks.

I like butts in all shapes and sizes; large round voluminous butts and tight small squeezable butts like sexy Sebastian's, with it's inviting v at the top.  I am always surprised, and a bit disappointed, when I am sent shoots from photographer's that don't include rear shots.  Capturing the human body to me is about shapes, and the beautiful weaving of lines and curves.  Without including a butt, one of the body's most naturally sensuous curve seems visually tragic to me.

I know many are all about the penis, but within art and photography, the penis for me, is the least interesting part of the male body.  I look for full body shots, images that focus on form, face and personality.  I would much rather have a good back view, than dozens of frontals that don't capture anything but a penis.

In addition to it's shape and curves, most models and, most actors as well, seem to have less issue with showing off their backside than posing for a frontal.  It is interesting though, I have interviewed a few models who have no issue at all having penis photographed, but are reluctant to turn around to have a rear shot.  For some, it was because they didn't like the look, or shape of their butts, for a few though, I think it may have been more about worrying a posed but shot might bring their sexuality into question.

Thankfully sexy Sebastian didn't have this worry, and Suntown Photography wisely kept one of the UK models most delicious assets in focus for many of his shots.  I have been featuring Suntown's work for awhile now, and always love and admire the truth and realness he brings to his work.  Although Suntown has had to put his passion for photography on the back burner this past year, I am grateful he is still supportive of my sliding back into his port to continue to feature his work.

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