Sunday, April 3, 2016

Locked Out Of Heaven: Tony by Lights On Studio

'There is nothing better than working with a model who can help your ideas come to life!'

In my first piece featuring the work of Tom Nakielski from Lights on Studio, the focus was on model Hansel Wellington, perched on a Christmas wreath and grasping his candy cane.  In the second feature, the Michigan photographer shared with us his images of Zach, no candy cane this time, just Zach and his ski's.

For this shoot, Tom tried to be a little more reverent, but hitting a church just wasn't in the cards.  It wasn't from a lack of trying, Tom originally planned on shooting in an old abandoned church, but when he got there the entrances had been all boarded up.  Determined to use one of Detroit's many abandoned buildings, Tom looked to the school next door.  Though the church kept hem out, the school luckily, had one opened door.

Joining Tom in that school is a model many readers of FH might be familiar work. Although it's been a few years since I first featured the work of Tony Gee, (Provocateur) Tony is more than memorable, and I have been hoping to feature more of his imagery.  Tom got in touch with Tony via Model Mayhem and it was first time shooting a session in an old abandoned location.  Tom shares that they were both a bit concerned about trespassing or running into someone, or maybe something... that might be living in the old building. .They both however, quickly got over the apprehension as soon as they got down to business and began shooting.

' It was a cold and rainy day and not the best conditions to be running around naked in an old and run down abandoned building.'

Some of my favorite shoots are in old abandoned buildings and Tom's work with Tony is beautiful blend of artist, model and location.  One of the reasons I love locations as this so much, is the life the naked male form, and a creative photographer, breathed back into a space long abandoned and forgotten.  It is always interesting for me to think about all of the teachers and students who lives and futures were touched by there time within this structure.  How many kids ran up those stairs, struggld with a class or subject they couldn't get and cried in the very same rooms and corners that Tony's naked body now beautifully inhabits.

'Tony easily relayed my artistic vision and used his creativity to create some awesome images. He has currently been in the gym working hard and excited for a busy spring season of shooting. I am looking forward to another session.!'

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