Sunday, May 8, 2016

Uncontained: DeepDicC by Bob Burkhardt

'DeepDicC was the crayon that jumped out of the box. He was full of ideas.'

Regular readers of FH know that I tend to 'downplay the DicC'  It is not that I don't post full frontals, FH is full of them, I just generally try not to have the frontal as the focus.  I am usually quite direct when discussing what I like about a models looks, but usually don't comment much about the penis, except maybe through a coy comment or a bit of innuendo.

With a model named DeepDicC however, coy is sort of not....  well, really worth the effort. DeepDicC is hung and there is no point in beating around that particular bush.  Given DicC is both a model and a porn actor, it would have been silly to try deflate what is clearly the obvious and impressive main attraction.

I did ask photographer Bob Burkhardt if he had any images with a little less DicC,  for variety of course....  Bob replied however, that it was very difficult to get any shots where DicC's dick managed to actually stay within the confines of his pants.  From the images, I can see clearly that it would have been a losing battle trying to keep DicC's enthusiasm contained.

'The shoot was mostly me capturing him as he traversed my bedroom. Trained as a model since the age of 15,  He knew his body and he knew how to interact with the camera. He invited you into his world, was full of energy... a treat to work with. Can't wait to work with him again!'
                                                                Bob Burkhardt

DicC's dick aside, there is much more to his work with Bob than just one part of his anatomy.. DicC's modeling experience, as well as his work in front of the camera with Black Rayne Productions, has led to confidence and maturity in front of the camera.  DicC exudes personality and an intense sensuality in front of Bob's lens. The California based model knows that in order to create a memorable image, he must use his experience and skills to tap into the Deep as well as the DicC.

'Bob is a great photographer and understands the model that's in front of his lens.  Bob's a guy with an eye and with saying eye I mean a great vision on art and elegance.  I have modeled for over 10 years and he's one of the brightest as far a expanding out of his comfort zone. I love his skills, and have a lot of shots from Bob that I'm very proud of.'

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