Thursday, May 5, 2016

Home Alone: Pete by Studio James

Book, Bath & Beyond....

'It is Friday night, you have the whole house to yourself for the entire night, time to wind down, be you and do whatever you feel like doing'.

The quote above are the words and direction given by photographer Studio James to the models shooting for his Home Alone series.  I think Pete is the 5th model from the series that I have had the privilege to feature, and the theme hits me beautifully every time.

Home Alone doesn't mean one wants to always be alone, it simply means that erotica, sexuality and pleasure are not restricted to times when you're with another.  Our relationships with others are fluid. We are in them, we are out of them, but our desires remain strong regardless.

Some of my greatest sexual encounters have of course been with a partner, but our strongest, and longest sexual partner is ourselves.  As much as I like having someone to come home to, I also love arriving home after a long day's work, taking off my work clothes, having a shower and enjoying an evening alone.

Whether this involves a long hot bath, a glass or two of wine, a movie, book or TV show, or sitting on my deck observing others partaking in their own Friday night activities.  Some Friday nights I long to be out with others, surrounded by friends or a crowd.  Other Friday night, that longing is just as strong to be alone, enjoying my solitude and my own body and passions.

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