Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nuthin' from Nobody

'A Rough, tough, street-fighter who don't take nuthin' from nobody.  Uness he want to.  There's a lot to give here also....'

One of the reason's my mission statement for FH includes a line about 'years gone past' is because I wanted the site to be a mix of modern and classic.   I find sites that focus on the 'now', and equally sites only focused on the 'classic', somewhat limited in scope.

It is also a good bet, many of those in the 'hot and now' won't stay there for long.  The question is, how many of them will be remembered long enough to be considered classic?  I love to feature both, and find the contrasts fascinating.  I also go back and forth between thinking things have changed so much, and that they have not changed at all.

What has not changed, is a hot guy, is a hot guy, regardless of the decade.  I saved these images of 80's porn star Barney Keene a year or so ago.  Sadly, when I went back to my bookmark, the site they were on is no longer there so I wasn't able to get more info.

Research on several search engines didn't help much, and search anyone with the name 'Barney + porn' on google results in several Barney Rubble, Flintsone related artwork...   As much as I love Barney Rubble, my focus was squarely on finding out more about Mr. Keene.

If anyone has any info or memories on the well endowed and well banged (hair!) Barney Keene, love to hear some stories.  In the meantime, let these visuals tell the story of someone, who I am sure brought, much joy to during the 80's.

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