Monday, July 25, 2016

Sand in the Cracks: Brad by Brett Kiellerop

When I decided it was time to do another beach day, it made perfect sense to go back to Brad. Brett Kiellerop's images of the adorable Brad were the first images from the Queensland photographer that I featured on FH back in 2014. I loved Brad's look, his body, his great face and nose and the sense of energy, play and enthusiasm he expresses though pose and movement.

'Brad is a charming, friendly, funny kiwi, and the moment I met him I knew I had to try and capture his easygoing nature with my camera. He's a beautiful, caring, giving man who will do anything for anyone. He's also a real terror, with an evil sense of humour'

Brett has been incredibly generous sharing his images of Brad, and many other models that he shot for his book Aussie Gods, a visual exploration of the male physique. Brett shares that since their shoot for the book, Brad has been busy and has a baby due any moment now.

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