Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I haven't seen Ghostbusters yet, but I plan on it this weekend.  I love Wiig, Jones and especially McKinnon and despite the so so reviews, stubbornly want to support the project.   The extreme sexism surrounding the film, starting pretty much when the all female cast was announced has been disheartening to see.

Some of my favorite movies are female driven, films with a focus on character, dialogue and story. The world sadly, seems to prefer films driven by a male lead with a gun in one hand, and some female eye candy on the other.  This image, so central to so many movies, and so many movie posters sort of.. sadly explains so many of this planets problems.

Ghostbusters has some eye candy, but in the form of the delicious and nutritious Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth has been getting some decent buzz, and if anyone has seen his SNL appearances, you know why.  In addition to being incredibly hot, Hemsworth has great comedy chops and timing and was an inspired choice to be 2016's Annie Potts!  Hellow Kevin Beckman!

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