Friday, August 26, 2016


Despite my coverage of some of the hottest athletes in Rio, I didn't watch much of this year's Rio Olympics.  I usually look forward to the sporting event and have even booked time off work to catch certain events.  Not this year.  I even skipped the opening ceremonies, something I don't remember missing since I was a kid.

Although I am not a huge fan of Ryan Lochte, I manage to catch my fair share of reporting on his Rio Rowdiness.  I caught it mostly because I was watching CNN.  Although I am tiring of Election coverage, I did not tire of watching International correspondent Nick Paton Walsh covering Lochte's lies.

Paton Walsh, usually seen covering wars and international events, was forced by CNN to spend a few days trolling that Rio 'bathroom' talking endlessly about Lochte, that bathroom and swimmers peeing on the sides of buildings.  I think he was a little frustrated by this particular assignment, especially as it became the main story of the week.

I think when Paton Walsh headed to Rio he was expecting a 'world event', not reporting hour on the hour on from a Brazilian bathroom.  Regardless, the sexy journalist is always watchable, and sucked it up no matter what he was asked and no matter how many cars he had to dodge in the parking lot.

Lochte has been losing his media deals, including speedo, but is set for the next season of Dancing With The Stars. I Wish this was still the 80's when instead of hitting another reality show, Ryan might lose his speedo literally and pose for Playgirl in order to move on from his Brazilian blunder.

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