Monday, August 22, 2016

David & Samuel by YogaBear Studio


'YogaBear certainly knew what he wanted, but Sam and I chimed in with ideas and it was fun.'


Traditional stories are generally rooted in progression.  A beginning, which introduces the characters, sets the tone and themes of the piece.  The opening triggers movement, taking us further into the story.  If compelling enough, we remain immersed, moving forward again, to the eventual climax and conclusion.

I like to think of FH as traditionally story based.  The words that accompany each piece tell a story, usually the behind the scenes comments about image creation from the artist and/or model.  Often my thoughts on the images or story are also woven within the text.  This story is told not only with words and images, but with image placement, and the order also supports the progression of story.

I like a clear beginning, middle and end.  That is why when I can, I like to start each post with clothed shots and portraits.  Most great stories have a reveal, and I like when possible to do the same.  I sometimes struggle when photographers send me all nude images to post.  As great as the shots may be, the lack of reveal makes story telling more of a challenge.  This is especially true to me with couple shoots.

I don't feature a lot of couples, mostly because I find so many photographers start the shoots at the ending. Maybe it's the influence of porn, but all couples, regardless of gender, have a beginning.. Even a relationship based strictly on sex, still has to start some where, with a meeting, an urge or an initial attraction.

I love the trajectory of story with YogaBear Studio's work with Samuel and David.   Yes, these two incredibly beautiful men end up naked, their bodies intertwined within the sheets.  But the story begins with both men clothed, introducing them not only to the viewer, but visually, also to each other.

YogaBear's reveal is not restricted to just unveiling Samuel and David's bodies .  As the images progress, layers of attraction, personality, humor and intimacy are also visually exposed.  YogaBear's progression of story makes the final images that much more enjoyable.  The viewer not only observes the relationship, YogaBear's images bring you close enough to virtually feel the experience and closeness as it develops and grows.

Last month, I featured Samuel Lora's work with YogaBear Studio and their collaboration with rope artist Explorer Frank. (Restraint)  In this series of images, Samuel is again bound, but this time not by rope, but the powerful sexual force that is model and actor David Pevsner. Samuel and David are together, quite simply hot.   My love for YogaBear's images confirms for me why I dislike so many couple shoots. As great as each man looks photographed individually, YogaBear manages to capture the overwhelming power, and quiet sensually, that being intimate with another can brings out.  Pieces of personality not seen when each man is shot alone.

I'll talk a bit more about story in the next piece below, but I want to ensure I have fully introduced you to David.  Most readers of FH are familiar with my past features on Samuel and his work as a model, writer and artist. It was Samuel who began this particular story, by introducing me to David and his work.   Some of you many already know David's work as a model, others might recognize him from his many film and television appearances.

What many of you may not know is that David started as a songwriter, writing lyrics and music for the musical Naked boys Singing.  David's current project, pulls together many of his talents in a new CD featuring what David calls 'mostly gay, dirty comedy songs.  The CD is full of surprises, including cameos from Jim J. Bullock and Maxwell Caulfied.

'It’s all cheeky, filthy, fun, clever, risqué, offensive, sweet…it hits all of it.' 

Most Versatile is available right now just for digital downloads…physical CDs will be available eventually. You can download it at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, or... you can check out more about it on David's site HERE:

             Samuel Lora:           

David Pevsner

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David and Samuel have "painted" the most beautiful picture of love between two men.