Sunday, August 7, 2016

Strapped Jocks by Hans Fahrmeyer

'If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.'
Principal McGee, Grease

It is hard to believe that men began first pulling on jockstraps in 1874.  Back then there was little to no fashion component, instead a company named BIKE created the athletic supporter to protect the packages of the men cycling around the rough and unpaved roads of town and country.  The term 'jock' didn't actually connect to the jocks strapping them on.  Jock, was shortened from 'jockey' as like the rides of horse, jockey straps were mostly worn by the riders of bicycles.

By the early 1900's, jock straps were becoming more popular for a wider variety of athletes and sports. The basic design stayed pretty much much the same, support in front, open and airy in the back.  Leave it to Canadians to put 'safety first' by adding the cup in the front to protect Canadian penis's from fast moving pucks while playing ice hockey.

By the 80's and 90's, jock straps moved off of the field and out of the rinks and locker rooms and into mainstream fashion.  Like a women's bra, jock straps have moved from coverage and protection to a piece of clothing which lifts, frames and highlights the beauty of the male backside.

It is only in the last few years, that I have gained an appreciation for jock straps.  Having played hockey, and coming from a hockey family, my main association used to be sweaty, smelling jocks laying on the floor of our laundry room.  Distanced now from those childhood memories, I have fully embraced their appeal.

There is no hotter garner to adorn the male form than a jock strap.  The colors, the styles and especially the way the straps almost gift wrap a guy's ass for opening, and enjoyment.  When it comes to photographing the male form, especially the male backside, there is no one more skilled, than artist and photographer Hans Fahrmeyer.

Hans eye popping visuals combine the beauty of the male form with an elegance and artistry which combines color, texture with an underlying pulse of sexual energy.   Check out more of Hans tribute to the jock strap on his tumbler HERE: & be sure to check out the video below which includes many more unseen images.

THE JOCKSTRAPS from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

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